Web Player Support




To customize your stations Web Player contact support at [email protected]

Just to name some of the things you can do on your new player…

Page Customization's

Page Background – specify the color or apply an image.

Player Box 'Look and Feel' Customization’s
  • Outer Border – specify a  color.
  • Background – specify a color or apply an image. Size 758x388 px.
  • Station Logo – ability to hide the station logo when your logo is included on the background image. Size 200x100 px.
  • General Text – specify color.
  • Now Playing – specify background and text color.
  • Player Controls – specify background and text color.
  • Banner Ad Spot Right – specify background and text color. Spot can include text, an image, or an iframe. Size is 300x 250 px.
  • Banner Ad Spot Bottom – specify background and text color. Spot can include text, an image, or an iframe. Size is 728×90 px.
Gateway Advertising
  • Gateway Video - play a gateway video ad before your stream starts.
    - Formats:  H.264 in a .mp4, .m4v, or .mov container
    - Resolution: 400x225 pixels for widescreen.  300x225 for standard screen
  • Gateway Audio – play a gateway audio ad before your stream starts
  • Gateway Banner - If desired, display an associated banner ad in the Banner Ad Spot Right location.
Now Playing Features
  • Display Title & Artist on Player – your automation system must be capable of providing this data for the encoder
Stream Time-out
  • Set a time-limit on continuous listening, by minutes. When time limit has been reached a “Are you still listening?” window will appear with a 60 seconds disconnect countdown timer. Listener can click the ‘I am still listening” link, which will restart the Time-out time, else the player drops the stream.
New Features in Development
  • Display Album Art Cover
  • Contact Form – Contact form for listeners to send you a message.
  • Request A Song – Form for listeners to send a song request to you
  • Advanced Social Media Functionality
  • Chat Window

If you have any suggestions on improvements we can make or features you would like to see added, please email us and let us know!