About us

MainstreamNetwork.com was started in what used to be the lumber capital of the world, Bangor Maine. Todd VanTasel and David Palmer, founders of ChristianNetcast were attending a local church and saw the need to have the churches services broadcasted on the internet. When other ministries learned how the church was using this new streaming technology, they soon wanted to use the same type of tools for their church. The word about MainstreamNetwork.com quickly spread and the company began to receive international recognition and was featured on television and radio programs such as Fox News, CBN, 700 Club and TBN. Soon after stations of all formats wanted to take advantage of this great service. MainstreamNetwork was founded in 1999 to meet that need.

Our history

  • 2012 - Completed acquisition of StreamAudio
  • 2011 - Completed the acquisition of Barnabas Road Media
  • 2009 - Completed the acquisition of Nextwave Radio Network.
  • 2007 - MainstreamNetwork opened offices in Virginia Beach VA
  • 2001 - mainstreamnetwork became the sister company providing streaming to stations of various formats.
  • 1999 - The Company was founded in Bangor Maine with a hand full of customers.

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